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Adventures In Gratitude Bonus Activity Book

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This Activity Book Includes:

  • Bonus Gratitude Challenge

  • Bonus Word Search Puzzles

  • Bonus Gratitude Journal Pages

  • Gratitude Habit Building Calendar

  • And More

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    AIG Bonus book

    These Gratitude Journals will help your child develop an Attitude of Gratitude that will support them in every aspect of life, including friendships, family life, school and ultimately career and life aspirations. Just click on an image below to learn more about each journal in our Adventures in Gratitude series.  

    Are your children growing more frustrated with school, friends... or even you?

    Are you worried that they are becoming more dependent on devices than personal interaction?

    Are you noticing changes in their attitude, mood swings or even depression?

    Angry Girl

    We understand and feel your frustration.

    Many children are struggling, especially since the pandemic.

    Studies show that helping them to find gratitude, even in small things, can help them handle the stress, anxiety and sadness that they encounter. 

    Angry Girlfriends

    Our 3-Step Gratitude Development Plan

    Step 1:     

    Buy a Journal      

    Step 2:     

    Follow the 28 Days of the Guided Journal

    Step 3:

    Acknowledge the Positive Changes

    It's our mission to help you raise happy, resilient kids.

    As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to be healthy and happy. But happiness can be fleeting - especially in a world that encourages us to look outside ourselves for things to make us happy. 

    At ZenPenHealing, we believe lasting happiness begins inside. And it starts with nurturing an 'attitude of gratitude'. Our fun, interactive gratitude journals provide the tools to ensure your kids develop gratitude practices that strengthen their resilience and set the foundation for a lifetime of true, lasting happiness.


    Ten Ways Gratitude Will Help Your Child Grow

    If you are in doubt that Gratitude will help your child, watch this video. If you are not sure how our program will help your child learn, develop and expand their appreciation and attitude of gratitude, press play. You will be glad you did. [VIDEO IN DEVELOPMENT!]

    Testimonials from Parents and Teachers that have used the Gratitude Journals.

    Feel good positive vibes! EXACTLY what our children need right now!

    I bought this gratitude journal for my 10 yr old daughter. It has a bright and engaging cover with a rainbow hot air balloon. Instead of just blank journal pages it includes a variety of activities such as word puzzles and coloring pages. I was looking for a positive activity to help my daughter focus on gratitude. Like many children, she has struggled this year with the changes and challenges of not only school, but her growing body. We have had her focus on mindfulness and do yoga but were still looking for additional resources. This is exactly what I was looking for! I highly recommend this book and am planning on buying it for my 8 year old daughter as well. We all need positivity in our lives and what a fantastic way to challenge children.

    A must buy for all kids coping with their COVID world.

    A great tool to help kids connect with the positive aspects in their COVID world. Highly recommend!


    An excellent series!

    I purchased the entire series as a very well-received gift. The mother to be, who is an educator, was most impressed with the content and remarked that (depending on the child's age) this series might be a parent-child activity or thoughtful quiet time for a child first thing in the morning. A most thoughtful and fun series!


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